Networking Communities & Referral Groups in Knoxville - What are they?

We promote business growth through Networking Communities.  Our members enthusiastically participate in weekly team networking meetings (which we call Networking Communities) because they’re all helping each other achieve their goals through their networking efforts.

• Do you just hate making cold calls?  
Your REO Networking Community will help you make a direct connection with the people you want to meet.

• Are you tired of networking groups where you get lots of worthless leads they call “referrals”?
In the REO Networking Community – We don’t just pass referrals – we make connections!

• Are you frustrated with the high cost of networking groups?
REO has no contracts or renewal fees and our monthly debit is easy on your budget. 

What Makes REO's Networking Community Different From Other Groups?

We Believe...

We believe COMMITMENT is essential. Commitment to attend, commitment to get involved, and commitment to participate.

We believe in making real CONNECTIONS. Connections that are pre-qualified (not leads), connections generated outside the team (not just team-to-team member).  

We believe your CHARACTER speaks louder than your words. Character is the underpinning of REO’s member requirements.

We believe in QUALITY not quantity. More isn’t always better so we focus on high caliber members, connections, and resources.

We believe in CARING. Members caring for each other, their businesses, their families, their well-being.

We believe in COMMUNITY. Diverse business professionals coming together to help each other. When we work together as a community all members rise.

What We're About...

​Fun & Productive Networking Teams
• REO has reasonable team sizes (35 members maximum p/team) that allow members to focus on the referral relationship and creating a strong and unified Networking Community. Other referral groups focus on growing beyond the time allotted (then members get less time to talk about what they're looking for).
• REO has a 3-month probationary period for all new members to assure quality and unity of the Networking Community the member joined

Practical & Effective Networking & Referral Training
• REO offers networking and Referral Training to members at NO Charge – Other referral groups make their training mandatory, then charge you a fee to attend! Really???
• REO offers members networking and referral consultations to increase ROI (at no charge) - Other referral groups offer little or no guidance at all. If it's so easy then why is their turnover rate 40-60% annually??? REO's turnover is less than 30% annually! Hmmm...

Real Referrals & Introductions – Not Cold Leads
• We don’t just pass referrals – We Make Connections!  because REO is NOT a leads group – we ARE a referral organization and a Networking Community. If you want more than someone saying "here use my name" – then REO is for you!
• REO members pass pre-qualified sales referrals – not merely “permission to use my name” leads
• REO tracks sales generated through REO connections – we DON’T rely on member-to-member business to keep sales numbers up - Other groups report millions of dollars of generated sales yet, the majority of those sales are member-to-member. In REO, teams are only allowed to have 25% of the sales between members. That way our sales numbers are real generated sales - not simply moving money around the table!

Win-win Payment Structure
• NO contracts!! NO expensive upfront fees!! - Compare our fees to other Networking groups and you'll find REO is a fantastic value!
• LOW budget friendly monthly payments (credit/debit card required)
• NO expensive annual renewals

Simple & Affordable Online Marketing
• All REO members are given a FREE Online Member Profile for their business with their membership. No other referral group gives members the value that REO does
• Full online member directory with up to 3 classifications - Other referral groups make members split their professions (to allow room for more members). REO doesn't make members split professional categories - that's good for members!

Oh, yeah: Other referral groups claim they make millions of dollars for their members - by their own statistics it actually averages out to less than $200 p/referral slip! REO actually has an average of just under $3,000 p/referral!  

Commitment to YOU
• REO succeeds only if our members do – your success IS our success! 

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