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by CEO on January 4th, 2016

What’s it really mean to net-work? Is it just going to social events? Is it just handing out your business card? As we enter the New Year, I’d like to dive into the idea…

So, what is networking? Networking is the process of meeting and creating a relationship with possible prospects. However, networking is only a part of your marketing mix. To be effective networking must work in tandem with a couple of other things. If you only go to social events and pass out business cards, networking isn’t really effective by itself. 

If networking is the process of meeting and creating a relationship with possible prospects then what else needs to be part of the mix?

1) First: you must have a succinct and effective answer to the #1 question you’ll get asked (everywhere, not just networking events).
2) Second: you need to know who your prospect is otherwise you’ll waste time and effort talking to three types of people:
  • Those that don’t need your product/service
  • Those that can’t afford your product/service
  • Those you really don’t want to work with (we’ll call them PITA’s: Pain In the As..’s)
3) Third: you need to have a good follow-up system. A good follow-up system is one that you’ll use – and use regularly.

If you have all three of the above, your networking will be much more effective! Over the next few days, I’ll cover these three things in detail. Meanwhile, ask yourself – are you going to keep doing what you’ve been doing OR do you want this New Year to be more effective?

Raeus Jae Cannon is the CEO and founder of REO (Referral Excellence Organization). She’s built two strong businesses by doing simple face-to-face networking!

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