Name Badges: Right vs Left
by CEO on April 9th, 2015

​Where Do You Wear A Name Badge?  

I've heard the argument: "​The name badge goes on the right side where you "Follow the arms of the handshake" - Right?
This common belief stems from a study that “someone” did. However, no one seems to know who conducted the study or where it was done. Supposedly, this study concluded that while shaking a person’s hand, people’s eyes follow the line of sight along the arms and thus the name badge should be placed at the end of that line of sight – the upper right chest (just below the shoulder).
But that just doesn't make sense if you...
Follow the Money!
The truth can often be flushed out when you “follow the money.”  So, let’s start by asking three questions:
Question #1: When spending money to purchase logo wear (specifically shirts or jackets), does the promotional products company default to place the logo on the LEFT side?
​Answer: Yes! Promotional Products companies automatically print any logo on the upper LEFT side of a shirt or jacket (as people look at you it would be the upper right quadrant of your body) unless you request otherwise. Is it hard to find anyone’s logo? Not at all – logos are all in the same place. We’ve been conditioned over many years by the promotional products industry (and even clothing companies) to look for logos in the same place – the LEFT side of the shirt (the right as we look at someone wearing it).  See the YELLOW nametag to the left…
Question #2:  Do you want your name associated with your logo or company name?
Answer: Yes! Of course you do! Make it easy for people to associate the two. Don’t make them read your name and company in two different locations. If your name badge is on the opposing side from your logo – you are mentally and physically disassociating yourself from your company! When you place your name badge just above or below your company logo – you link the two in sight and mind.
"So, what if I don’t wear a logo?" Well, when people are looking for your logo – viola – your name badge is exactly where they expect to find the logo. So why wait until you shake someone’s hand? Put your name badge exactly where they expect to find it – BEFORE they shake your hand!
Question #3: When advertising, will you pay a premium for the top RIGHT corner of the page?
Answer: Yes, you sure will! Savvy advertisers pay a premium to be located at the top RIGHT corner of the page. Why? Because study after study have found that people’s eyes are drawn to the top RIGHT corner of every page first – yes, before looking at anything else! And that holds true whether it is a magazine page, a web page, a computer screen or your body.
So, imagine the body in a similar fashion to an advertising page. Put the most important information where people will instinctively look – in the top RIGHT corner as they look at you (LEFT on your body - you know, where you place your hand while saying the Pledge of Allegiance).

Wear Your Name Badge on the LEFT Side of Your Body
Wear your name badge in the money spot – the top LEFT corner of your body (where you put your hand during the Pledge of Allegiance) and just above or below your logo so that when people approach you your name badge is seen in the RIGHT hand side of your chest.

Steer away from dangling nametags that hang on a lanyard. Unless the name is typed in VERY large letters it will draw people’s eyes down to your stomach (or your cleavage) and away from your face.

Rule:  Follow the Money – When it comes to name tags or name badges – LEFT is right!

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