48.5 Benefits of Membership

New Members

Professional Networking Community

1) Become part of a caring professional business Networking Community

2) Exclusive representation of your profession on your REO team (Members may represent up to 3 professional categories)

3) Quality introductions that lead to better close rates

4) Create lifelong strategic alliances with the REO Networking Community

5) Individual memberships where YOU are the REO member – NOT your company

6) Three outside references checked on all members to insure quality (plus sponsoring member)

7) REO holds high standards and terminates members for ethical issues / complaints

8) Team wide approval process to supports team unity

9) Inclusion in team specific Facebook group

10) Invitation to all REO social events and Family Friendly Events

11) FREE membership in Green Chamber (optional)

12) Post your community / business events to the REO community calendar (upon approval)


13) FREE Online Member Profile: Fully customizable including photos, logos, videos, analytics, more

14) FREE Online catalog/store up to 1,000 products/services (online merchant account needed for sales)

15) FREE phone app

16) Be featured on REO website on high profile pages (extra fees may apply)

17) Customizable website keyword listings with full analytics

18) FREE 24/7 website support (online/phone) with English speaking, USA residents

19) Links to your website from your REO Member Profile and REO directory

20) Listing in Membership Directory including map to your location

21) Multi-post to ALL your social networking from your REO dashboard

22) REO website badge/link for your website

23) Secondary Member Profile available for a secondary business (extra fees apply)


24) Budget friendly, monthly payment structure: no expensive application fees, no renewals

25) Opportunity to earn discounted or FREE dues (annual / lifetime)

26) Realistic / caring attendance policies

A Way to Give Back

27) Support local charitable organizations through team donations (optional)

28) Opportunity to set the direction of REO by serving on the REO team Advisors Council

29) Volunteer opportunities within each team and REO wide

Business Support & Training

30) FREE 1 hour consult once p/year to increase your ROI
• “I can’t imagine anyone in BNI providing the input and encouragement REO provides – it’s been very valuable.” - Keith Meese, Prestige Group
"I was going to step away from REO and a member told me to talk to Raeus before I made that decision.  I will always be thankful for Raeus' willingness to help. Due to her guidance I have moved from a mousy person to a “hear me roar” lion in just a little over a year." Pamela Overbay, Platinum Partners

31) 32-page Referral Partner Handbook

32) FREE Monthly member development trainings

Valued Referrals & Accountability

33) No mandatory referrals – you can’t mandate quality!

34) Concentration on REAL introductions rather than cold leads
• “I should have joined REO sooner than I did: the warmest referrals, a ‘business family’ I can trust, affordable fees, and both structure and flexibility at the same time“ – Daniel Monday of www.slamdot.com
• “My first referral was personally set up by an introduction from our REO team’s CPA resulted in $800 worth of business and took less than an hour to close.  A lot better than just “names” from typical leads groups.”  - Jim Young; ITEX Tampa Bay

35) Give referrals to or receive referrals from other REO members online

36) Quality referrals and connections rather than just slips of paper

• “I was a member of BNI and I got lots of 'referrals'. In REO, I don't get as many referrals as I did in BNI, however, the referrals I've gotten have been worth more than TEN times what I got in BNI!" Rick Davis: Oak Ridge Office Supply

37) Members report REO generated gross sales for real accountability

Marketing Opportunities

38) New member highlight for 3 months on REO website & newsletter

39) Sponsorship & advertising opportunities (website / trainings / newsletter / events)

40) Offer coupons or specials on REO website and link to your website

41) Video interview about your business for your use (extra fees apply)

42) Post business hours, location and contacts on your REO Member Profile Site

43) Opportunities to be a Guest Blogger on REO website blog

More . . .

44) Business card book & Membership Certificate

45) Member badge including name & company for your use at networking events

46) Use of REO projector (upon availability; extra charges may apply)

47) Receive weekly team email newsletter

48) Become confident speaking in public and making public presentations
• “Over time, I’ve improved my confidence in speaking – that was a surprise I didn’t expect“ – Dawn Steimer, Master Construction Alliance & Host of Around the House Radio Show

48.5) We're committed to your success!

A REO Member's Commitment

As a member of REO and my team, I Commit to:
    a minimum of 85% 
    a minimum of 2 partner meetings p/mo
    training and continue learning
    the load and serve on the board
    concerns only with REO board
    my numbers and report REO generated invoiced sales
    up-to-date and accurate contact info with the REO website
    others by being on time 
    others by honoring differences (race, gender, religion)
    my team by offering the REO community to others
    my teammates business’ by connecting them with those I know
    and improve my skills through REO’s certifications
    ethical, honest, trustworthy and caring
    prepared to tell my teammates specifically who I want to meet
    loyal! We don’t join other closed referral groups

And: Do For Others What You Want Them To Do For You - And Do It First!